Since i’m in the nosleep competition, i’ll have plenty of time to do whatever i want in the coming many hours. I have a couple of planned stuff on my “to be done” shelf, including doing at least three knotted bracelets, reading (and possibly finishing) at least two books (Abigél by Szabó Magda and Indul a bakterház by Rideg Sándor, both of which i should’ve read for the finals, but i didn’t), watching anime (probably FLCL and Venus Versus Virus), listening to music, blogging (i’ve been pressured—not as if that’s a problem—to do more german posts) and… well, whatever may turn out. I may go for a walk in the mountains or something like that. We’ll see. Oh, and i just realised that i have a couple of interesting subjects listed on the same shelf, so you’ll probably get a few nice articles and/or short stories too.