There was no reason. It simply happened like this: even though i could’ve written about a couple of things, i just… Well, to be honest i spent all spare time playing StarCraft with my brother instead of blogging or hanging out on the net. A lot more fascinating. But now here i am finally writing for you (and just for you!) about… about nothing.

I’ve finished an important job, i hope i can get my money by tomorrow—because tomorrow i’m leaving for the Sziget festival, and for that i’ll need a huge load of money (which i won’t have for sure, so there won’t be no land of milk and honey). Especially because i’ll have to stay in the capital for two more days because of my university hostel applications. Honestly, applying for that half room is a lot more complicated than applying for university education itself.

Today at the church i somewhat got “enlightened”: i figured out the plot of my book to be written, also the world, though i’ll still have to make up the characters and refine the whole thing into a novel. It’ll take a while for sure, especially since i’ll have to read the Bible a couple of times (especially the Old Testament and the Book of Revelations) and get a deeper insight into Kabbalism. I’ll enjoy writing it.