Yesterday i was brave enough to repartition my hard disk and reinstall both Win and Ubuntu (though i haven’t yet installed the latter). The repartitioning part was fun, because the partitioning software announced some strange error on one of my logical drives and left its NTFS table (or whatever) open, so that i couldn’t continue with GParted from the Ubuntu live cd either. Luckily i could do a chkdsk on it from the Win install cd, so a few hours later my partitions were totally resized and reordered. Since then i’ve installed Win and the most crucial apps (security, browser and media player), and now… well now i’m about to head off in town to buy some notebooks for my university time. I’ll need a couple, i think. I’ll also say hi to my schoolmates, who’re still suffering in the Bolyai high (so i’ll be evil and have a laugh at them). After that i’ll try to redo my timetable, because the one the uni gave us ain’t the best… i have a lecture each week friday 2-5pm—the worst is that’s my only lecture on friday. I hope i can do it. After that, i’ll be installing the creative apps (office apps, webdesign and coding stuff) and fixing my folder structure. And selecting the best of my music.