Sunday i was at home… monday too. But monday evening we went a bit crazy with my roommate: we went out to buy something to drink, and i ended up with a bottle of Finlandia vodka. He bought a bottle of Sierra tequila. So long it wouldn’t have been that crazy—we could’ve spared the spirit and then we could be drinking them even now. I suggest you can sense the conditional tense: the crazy thing was that we finished those two bottles that very night. I guess i don’t have to say how drunk we were… It’s not easy to remember everything (i guess i can’t, however hard i try), but i think it’s better this way.

The next day naturally i was a bit overhung… So to say. Though my phone tried to (and indeed did) wake me, i just pushed the red button and went back to sleep—even though i really wanted to wake up. Thus i skipped the first part of my first lecture, but who cares… Later on the day was not as bad as it could’ve been. I wasn’t near as overhung as i could’ve been. And what’s even better: i wasn’t even tired as i usually am on so long days. (I had lessons until half past nine.)