Today all day, instead of studying, writing a german essay or practising spanish or C++, i’ve been reading manga (the usual saturday load of Bleach and Naruto), learning the basics of InDesign and chatting with people over the usual instant messaging systems and plurk. If i’d been studying, i’d been solving linear equation-systems and working on understanding vectors and set theory terms while solving even more equations, this time related to set theory. And learning german and spanish vocabulary, writing an essay in the former and doing beginner exercises in the latter. Instead i’ve become familiar with the Lab colour mixing, learnt a bit about a more professional level of publishing works and tried to do a good design. As expected on first try, i failed, doing a layout that strangely resembles a professional design i’ve seen not so long ago. At least i’ve played around with fonts, positioning and colours. And seen some great artwork while browsing my feeds.