I seem to be having trouble with coming home: as soon as i arrive, my head starts to ache, i feel sick and such. Not seriously, just so much that it’s disturbing. And disrupting, when i finally make myself to read all the stuff i’ve written down on lectures and do the homework (the latter especially applies for my german and spanish classes). I’ve been thinking of possible causes, but the only one i could find is that i had way not enough sleep the past week. Every day i went to bed late and woke (relatively) early. Okay, i know i’m studying to become a programmer, and as such i should be a machine converting coffee into code, without any need for sleep, but after a month i seem to be not yet really ready for that. Not to mention that i never been coding that late, rather playing games with other dorm people or hanging out with friends. I know there will be times when i’ll have nights of only C code, but that’s still far away i hope. But right now i want to change a few things: every night go to sleep in the worst case at one am, read more, blog more, code more, go out more, do sports. A bit controversial, since i already have time for hardly anything, and those only on weekends, and now i want to dedicate more to sleep… It won’t be easy, but that’s what i should be learning (instead of solving complex equation-systems): reorganise and optimise activities so that they’ll take up less time.