Know the ability of the WarCraft Death Knights to reanimate the bodies of the fallen? Naturally not revive them like the Paladin does, just use the flesh as fighting puppets for a while. This is not the time i’m going to write about that.

Instead gaming, i’m into watching series again (though Bomberman is fun to play with someone). I’ve started with the Bleach movie yesterday, and finished off the latest Bleach, Naruto episodes, and the second one of Toradora. Too bad, i couldn’t yet find the third of that subbed, and i couldn’t watch the second and third Hyakko because the second one was an MKV with subs very hard to read. I’m rather downloading another one (now i watch both Hyakko and Toradora with Mayu-Genjo subs)… Too bad it takes longer than eg a new Dattebayo release, since there are no way so many seeds out there… Whatever.

Oh, and the blog’s going to change significantly. I’ve already more or less finished the future layout (as usual, i at first finished that), and am planning the back-end too. I don’t know when it will be out, but it won’t take very long. I hope this year it’ll be public. You’ll see when that happens.