Today passed by quickly. In the morning i (regrettably) didn’t do anything worth to mention, except going with my parents to buy broadloom carpet for their room. We ended up with a nice, bright-coloured carpet, i think it’ll go well in their room, i think it kind of matches them. But ever since, we’ve been working on laying it down, so we had to carry wardrobes all over the room, from one corner to the other and back, depending where we’d laid it down already. Was a nice training, i’m thinking about going to the gym every monday anyway, so this went as warm-up.

I made myself another bracelet (again), but i think i’ll just give it to someone as present because it’s once again a green-black composition, and i already had two of those, and i don’t like it when too many similarly coloured ones are on my arm. I’m considering one with black and orange, but couldn’t yet find any third colour, that’d look good with both and i haven’t yet over-used it. Oh, and it’s an advantage if it’s dark. There are two chances: either i could pick such a colour from those i already have or buy a new one. I wonder.

Oh, and before i forget: House MD is hilarious and deep at the same time. Now i can get it why so many are addicted to it. And if i’m at addiction, i can say i’m addicted to Yui’s album Can’t buy my love—it’s just fantastic.