The day of the dead. It’s so much different here than in the States or especially in Mexico. Every year we go out to the cemeteries where my maternal ancestors are buried, to another town and a village in the county. Today i didn’t go, and naturally i regret it–as always when i don’t do something. I wanted to stay to study, either learn spanish or do my homework to be “handed in” next week, but i instead just lay on my bed and read. And read. Oh, and i also read.

But before that i played a bit with my computer, because my firewall messed up, and it wasn’t exactly the simplest thing at first to figure out what the problem was and then how to solve it. Finally i managed to uninstall and reinstall it, and works fine ever since. Its luck.

I was reading Frank Herbert’s Dune. I read the first about thirty pages yesterday, but the remainder of the first book (roughly three hundred pages) i read today. Instead of working, naturally. It’s almost as addictive as the spice.

I’ve also read this week scanlated chapters of Bleach and Naruto, and it left me with controversial feelings. The Naruto was better than the Bleach for sure, but the happenings are not exactly of my liking. I just hope it won’t turn out as it did last time. And in Bleach, i finally want to see a bit of the desert world again. I’m reading the Dune, after all.