Or rather a day of hell. It all began with me going to sleep a quarter past three in the morning, after winning (with an ally) a game of Munchkin. Before that we had the freshman’s eve in the dorm, which was pretty much fun, we ended up second place. Enjoyed it more than the uni’s freshman’s day for sure. And it’s also good because we’ve been having fun together with the people we live together with. We started the game with a glass of delicious and very strong plum spirit (the traditional hungarian home-made “kerítésszaggató pálinka”). I can’t recall drinking anything so noble and pure in a long time.

Before going to sleep i set my phone to wake me at eight, because i wanted to come home with the bus at eleven. I just forgot that if the repeating of the alarm is turned on, it won’t ring on other days than the checked ones. And friday is unchecked, because i usually don’t wake early. So i slept, and had a nice dream (i can’t remember the dream itself, just the feeling that it was something fun and such) and woke around ten. And even this way i missed the bus only by a minute. Guess how much fun that was. So for the waiting i bought myself two National Geographic mags, a hungarian and an english edition, which i read all the way home.

I continue the tradition of hiding the important things in the noise, or—as in this case—leave it last. I was surprised to meet my—since past—girlfriend at the station. Especially because just a few minutes earlier i rang her asking if she was coming home for the party tonight (i’ll be in a party tonight with former classmates and friends). She turned up suddenly with a dorm-mate of hers. I was used to her not “recognising” me in public, but not to all that followed. I won’t go in detail. I’m single now. And somewhere deep happy about it. I can see this will be a lot easier than trying to save something rotten. Naturally it’s not the best feeling right now, but humankind can survive because we can get used to and adapt to everything.