Now about five minutes before my time to leave for the usual thursday (Thor’s day) afternoon german lesson, i felt a sudden urge to blog (once again there is this neologism—and many more, nouns turning into verbs, verbs into adjectives and so on). So i blog. There was a nice argument going on among a few plurkers including me about a few interesting verbs with prefixes (i hope that’s how they’re called in english), and whether it’s correct to use them with those prefixes i’ve been using them with.

Another thing is the reason for my silence this week. First of all, my day ends usually after ten in the evening, and by then my brain’s like a ragged mop, only having enough power to laugh on lame videos posted on plurk, eat my dinner and after a hot shower go to sleep. Not to mention i’m not feeling the best nowadays… Though i’m getting used to it. I don’t think anyone around me could tell, but that’s alright. I hate to worry myself, and i hate to make others worry even more. Rather die quietly in my dreams. This strange feel sometimes also gets stronger, and then it’s like the world’s turned off, i’m forced to sink in and just think. Though i can’t. Anyway, then i have so really cool ideas for blogging, that it’s really strange i couldn’t reproduce any when i’m well. Like now.