Today was, well, kind of eventless. I woke up just about an hour later than i wanted to, but i couldn’t make myself crawl out of bed when my phone rang around eight in the morning. Then i hurried to the university and worked until two pm with Ai on our homework for “compintro” (introduction to computer science), which was quite fun (bash (shell) scripting some interesting stuff). Then i had lunch and hurried with packing so that i could catch the 3.30 bus—which naturally i missed. But got on the 4.00 one, so i got home sometime around six, and since then i was translating Bleach subtitles (fansub, you see) for Hidden Leaf Team. I’ve done two and a half now, and will do the other half and one more tomorrow. That leaves two for sunday and one for monday. That’s quite much seeing that the coming three weeks i’ll have tests and exams in all my subjects at the university, so i’m supposed to study all day and all night like hell. Luck i’m writing good summaries so i can quickly understand all that stuff which i couldn’t when i was making notes. The weekend won’t be idle for sure.