In the garden, in the park, on a bench, I sit.
A newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer.

The Gathering — Analog Park

This two lines of Analog Park are those which made me “love” this song on It’s just… so perfect. Though i should rather write “in my room, all alone, on my chair i sit”, because sadly tonight i’m in no park—on thursday i was, in the city park of Budapest, on the icy night of my university. That means all the students go out there skating and drinking boiled wine (which was sadly not the highest quality there), having fun together on till midnight. Well, i left not long after eleven, because i got tired (skating for about two hours non-stop isn’t that light if it’s the first time that winter), so i said farewell and luckily got on the last bus home.

Then i managed to catch the bus, but today… that’s another story. I wanted to go on a so-advertised “large-scale anime meeting”, but when i got there (and that was the time when my bus left), i realised that it’s only two manga-seller stands and the cinema. Oh, and the surprisingly huge crowd of otaku and otakina (now that’s really a mad torture of the word, a japanese noun getting feminine with a russian-style suffix), Akatsuki members and the Elric brothers popping up every not and then, i rather left. But on saturdays the bus i wanted to catch is out, so i decided not to wait about two hours for the next, but instead go by train. That went well, so i stood there in Hatvan on the train station, with my train home—what a surprise!—leaving one and a half hour later. Even hitchhiking’s better than that, i thought, and i was right. I managed to get half the way home by the time that train started, and there i caught a bus—just as a side note, the same one i didn’t want to wait for. That’s about it. I got home, i got my glasses, and here i am, thinking about what i should do. The options are coding, reading, translating anime subtitles, or writing a novel.