Yesterday i watched a movie that a long time ago Glendi suggested, Juno. It was great. It’s about a high schooler indie girl who successfully gets pregnant on her first ahem… sexually active act. The movie’s about her nine troubled months, from the first doubts of whether to bear the baby or not, and all that’s coming after. There’s a lot of crying and a lot of laughing in there. The story’s altogether simple, but great. And Ellen Page is a beauty.

Her cool style makes this movie special. That’s what “indie” supposed to be, not that totally trend-dependent hype called indie nowadays. The music’s great and perfectly fitting, as well as the graphics of the opening.

Once again i’m in trouble saying i enjoyed this movie. It was great for sure. But a drama (i think) isn’t supposed to be fun. Yet… Juno has a lot of fun in it too. I say it’s a must-see for everyone, especially those teens who are, so to say, already sexually active.

A huge 5/5. Fantastic.