I was dead tired up till now. I still am, but now i made myself a coffee as strong as possible so that i could at least do something except for laying on my bed doing nothing. Now i feel that it has its effect, though in an hour i’ll make a tea too so that the caffeine income would be about three times normal. Who cares, i hate to be that… washed.

But i won’t work on my top priority project now. That deserves full attention and a clean mind, neither of which i could provide now, so i’ll rather work on it tomorrow. Today i’ll try to do as much of the remaining of my blog-rework as possible. I’d really want to finish it. I know already that most of you won’t like the new look. It’s way very simple. But at least i did the templating so that it’ll be very easy to change. We’ll see. I won’t change it i think.