This is just perfect, how everything goes now. Yesterday afternoon the last of my three bad teeth was fixed, the only thing is in two weeks i’ll go back for a roentgen and a check, that’s all. I hope in my life i won’t need to hear any more times the sound of such a drill. Just after i finished at the dentist, i met with friends and together we managed to make a perfect evening. Now i’m totally “i’m lovin’ it” – and that’s not related to that around midnight we were at the local Mac. We tried a new concoction, and it worked all right, was a spirit with wine and Fanta (oh, i’m once again “adverting” a globalisation product), naturally easy to drink and still strong. So… the evening and the night was perfect. And so is now the morning. I woke with a slight hangover, but who cares, this just increases the value of the night, and with a… no, i’m not going to type that (oh yes, i’m going to, it was after a perfect night the perfect girl). Then now after a walk in town escorting her to the bus station, i’ve had a shower and read manga (the usual Naruto and Bleach, but soon the new World Embryo will be out, and i can’t wait for it), and both the Naruto and the Bleach was simply great. I wonder if i could be any happier.