On the way to Krakow and back we watched two movies on the bus. One was Meet the Fockers, a hilarious movie with a couple of big names like Ben Stiller, Robert de Niro or Dustin Hoffman. It’s not really about deep thoughts or something very philosophic, the only thing it says is what’s neccessary to keep the movie running for two hours. The hungarian translations were good too, sometimes even better than the english originals.

The other one was Mr. & Mrs. Smith. That one had a better story for sure, and seemed a lot more professional (probably because it wasn’t supposed to be a comedy). It’s very full of action, be that action shooting countless bullets and other stuff intended to kill at each other or practicing the activities of a healthy married couple with great intensity. It’s highly entertaining, even making me laugh occasionally (though mostly at scenes where i guess i’m not supposed to laugh, but it was so full of violence or tension that it was almost comical).

Both are worth watching once, focusing just and only on entertainment. Different ways, but the goal’s the same.