Now there’s no backing off… not so long ago i got the mail from the embassy informing me that my plane will set off at 9:55 AM on the first of April, to Tokyo Narita via Frankfurt. I think this will be about the same length flight as when we went to Chicago, twelve hours in the air altogether, with a two hour ground time in Frankfurt. I still have loads of stuff to do until then. The last of which is checking out of the dorm, so that someone else could take my place. The most important of which is to say goodbye to important people i probably won’t see for a very long time. The most challenging of which is to learn how to wash my stuff and learn to cook basic stuff (i don’t want to live on instant soups and such for five years)—oh and to finish as much of my webdev projects in the coming two weeks as possible. Since i won’t be attending much university classes (i think at most two a week) i’ll have time for them, the thing is i’ve to learn to divide up my time right, something i couldn’t yet accomplish.

My “new” laptop will have to undergo a total reinstall before my departure. I hope i’ll be able to get everything working all right. Today i took the time, searched and found a utility to light the “new email” led. There was one provided on the official site, but it’s no use and also about six years old without updates, while this one is just two years and i think contacting a private developer is much easier than getting in touch with Asus, in case there were problems with it (which i doubt). It’s fun to see the blue light flashing whenever i get new mail.