One more problem with me having left my phone at home: there’s nothing to wake me “early”. Since i’m not going to any classes anymore (once again: just the Tolkien course every wednesday, next one will be the last), i don’t need to wake up, but still it annoys me if i sleep just because i can. I like to wake before nine, else i feel washed all day. Like now. Though this inactivity may be just as responsible, also that i hardly have anything to eat in the past day, but yesterday when i tried to write a german essay about traditions, i failed miserably after the second paragraph–and the same happened when i tried to practice japanese (even though in two weeks i’ll need it more than any of you probably ever will). I’ve been listening to music all the way. Alternative, as much as possible, up till today noon only Kaukázus, mostly because of the gig on tuesday, but since then others too, with Boffin (i realised that i have pretty cool alter music, for example Cigaretta, that Vlad showed me during the american exchange).

But i haven’t been entirely inactive all day, i helped my friends still working hard at the uni with the scripts homework. I really enjoy writing such small stuff, especially in the new languages (Python and Perl), and they’re happy too because they don’t have to work much with them. Now i think i’ll take a leave from the machine, now listening to remotelife podcasts (no. 11 by Aurus and no. 28 by Zsukov)