Today i visited the dentist, hopefully last for a very long time. I almost got used to sitting in the waiting room for hours, and then the sharp pain as the drill touches the teeth, or as today, the buzzing sound of the x-ray machine. About the last: i only needed that because two of my teeth are mysteriously missing (the funny is that one of my sisters-in-law has the same two teeth missing too) and the dentist wanted to check if they are still there in the bone hiding or are totally missing (luckily it’s the latter). Since then i’ve had lunch (i could, because there was no serious drilling today) and listened to the new HammerFall album while reading feeds. And reading cocktail recipes.

The new album’s titled No sacrifice, no victory and it’s the usual HammerFall quality. The new man on lead guitars didn’t change much in sound, it’s pretty much the same good old traditional heavy metal about knights in shining armour ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of metal (not realising that they themselves are the metal). So far (i’m done with half of it as of now) the first song was the best, Any means necessary. It sounds a bit strange at first, the many slithering sounds, but it’s really a great metal song. The title song, that’s playing just now seems to be a pretty good one too. And most of the songs are still over the general heavy metal quality, on the high HammerFall level. (Too bad i fear there won’t be such a track as Howlin’ with the pac from Threshold or Riders on the storm from Crimson thunder, except for Any means necessary, that i will really like.)

Vodka got into the title as i’m checking cocktail recipes, and it’s my favourite alcoholic beverage, so i’ve searched just for that on, and found (just as it’s written). I just checked those with funny or well known names, so far: Sex on the sofa (i think if we do this, then we’ll use Bacardi instead since there’s no WKD here as far as i know), Bald pussy (for the sake of its name and its strength), Danger (because i like to live dangerous and i know that one works from experience, though it’s not that traditional delicious or extreme cocktail), Legspreader (without explanation), and my good old friend from my eighteenth birthday, Long Island ice tea (though i think they did it other way there). We’ll see. I’m also thinking about a fondue party too.