Today there was an interesting “class” i’ve forgot the name of… We watched an american propaganda “movie” against japanese from the second world war. It was first funny. I mean, it was so visibly full of the worst type of demagogy that i couldn’t help laughing a couple of times. But it was scary as well. Because it could be funny for me right now, but seventy years ago, when there was about no way to get informed except for the media the governments then (and possibly somewhat now as well) controlled, you could easily take even the such stupidity as truth, after the “Japs” bombed Pearl Harbor, the “Japs” you don’t know anything about except that they look different, speak different and write different—after all this, it’s not that difficult to believe that they might as well think different, that they’re just wild people still practising ancient ceremonies, dressing and acting as if they lived in the middle ages and consider nothing else an honor but to die for the God Emperor. And when i thought about it more: even nowadays we have this same thing. Providing people information your way to build prejudice and hate in them–very hard to protect yourself against, especially if unexpected. And the so-called everyday citizen, whose life more or less consists only of waking up, going to work and going to sleep, without any real interest for anything, believing almost whatever the media claims, would still believe such stuff without doubt. And that’s scary.