The tastes around here are so strange. All the foods have the basic flavour composed of those unidentifiable veggies, and then comes something additional. On the other hand, even if i make my own tea, with water, tea, milk, honey, it’s not the same. I think the water boiler does it: gives the water a strong plastic flavour. I’ve felt that flavour on a couple of things here and it’s quite disturbing. But at least the rice cooker’s not doing that—i’d go crazy if i had to eat plastic flavoured rice everyday. I hope very much that the water boiler will lose that flavour as well.

Curry is all right. At least the ones i ate so far lacked both the annoying veggie flavour and the plastic-ish too, that’s why i eat curry every second day and something else every other. Like i have some kind of… topping? for the rice (no laugh, i really don’t know how else to explain that), one which is only veggies and such, the other also has some meat but the flavour is more or less the same. But that won’t be all: i really want to make myself some nice fish dish (what a rhyme, oh my, what a rhyme, i’ll go and rap under the sky!), tomorrow i plan to get the ingredients, and make it just as it should be. I hope i’ll manage. And maybe friday for lunch i’ll take udon, i haven’t eaten that yet. Fujimura sensei said that’s the best (even though she has a catchphrase: no way she would start a sentence else than それでは、じゃ~ (soredewa, ja…)—funny only at first). I also should get myself soba, some kind of sushi and whatever else traditional japanese food there is. Suggestions welcomed. (For other meals as well.)