Today in Sengawa we had to wait for the chicks at the phone store to get everything ready, so in that time we went around town and checked a few stores. There was a Seiyu nearby and i wouldn’t have been me if i hadn’t gone in for a few stuff—naturally only forgetting the most urgent ones. I got food for lunch for the coming week, five packs of instant stuff for rice, a fish to make it like the sunday one on the wednesday holiday (birthday of the past Showa emperor, or something like that), with which the Golden Week will start (more about that during). That leaves one day to eat some soup (i think this time soba) for lunch.

On the way home by bike from the nearby station where we left them, at a crossing a bus stopped to let us cross. Now that’s something that made me think. I Hungary it’s a rarity if a bus wants to stop, since that’s a lot of fuel for them, and i can understand that BKV is very poor (though the buses here are small and cute compared to our ancient Ikarus beasts), not to mention even if they wanted to it’s not sure they could stop. But here cars also, and just everyone are more tolerant and less aggressive in traffic. Well, except for us, but since we’re the stupid gaijin anyway, doesn’t change that much. Second huge difference is the left sided traffic. Everything’s inverted, and it’s hard to get used to when going around by bike in all the small streets. Third, trains are the rule here, it’s cheap (the Keio-line at least is), quick and convenient (except if you’re on one of the last trains, full of drunk and strange people, either gay or throwing up in the middle of the crowd (luckily into a sack), crowded as in peak hour). One more difference: people are very polite here when you communicate. And very rude and crude when it comes to getting on or off the train, or just walking in a crowded place.

And they love Maximum the Hormone, at least that’s what i guess, since all their coming three shows in Tokyo are sold out, and were already when i checked at the kombini about two weeks ago. Thanks. I want a raw and hard gig! Soon! (Just checked, and there’ll be a ‘Hormone gig in the end of May, i’ll be buying tickets tomorrow. Also, tomorrow there’ll be a Sex Machineguns gig in the ZEPP, and i’m going, if i can get a ticket.)