It’s interesting which words are nouns and verbs in different languages. In japanese there are a lot of verbs which are in fact nouns with the auxiliary verb to do, to make. Example (in this post i won’t write japanese characters): in english, you say you study – in japanese you say you do study. Sounds awkward, nay? And there are a lot more of these, loads of suru-verbs, and i think this is due to a difference in the way the cultures look at the activities. Verbs are words expressing action, while nouns are a lot more static, even if created from verbs, and so are the verbs created from nouns. I think the difference is that we “western” rather emphasise the action, the way the action is performed by and related to the actor (now meaning doer), instead the “eastern” (at least japanese) way to rather look at the act independently of the actor, as a platonic idea of the act that exists even if there was nobody left to actually act the act (a bit too many act’s). Maybe.