My massively overdosing vitamin c seems to work… At least, today i felt like when i’m ill, but i’m going out of it. Tomorrow i’ll just stay still in the classroom, try to cough and sniff as little as possible, because everyone would freak out.

Today (yesterday) i ate the second half of what i cooked yesterday, and it was still very good. To make it even more filling (this time the rice was plain), i cooked omelette with olives, and it ended up quite good as well. All day i’ve been reading wikis about the bigfoot, Cthulhu and stuff, playing the guitar and i also made my homework on time, which is not usual. I should’ve only written half a page, and that’s how much it was in my notebook, but when i copied it on the assignment sheet it ended up a bit more than one page.

I’ve realised that i’m dreaming a lot these days. Luckily not daydreaming, but almost. I asked Rado if he bought his plane tickets already, because i remembered asking him that before and him replying “of course, why, you haven’t?” and me freaking out, but that all turned out to have been a dream. But at least when i have such memories with home friends, i know what to think, because meeting them live right now is quite improbable…

But i really need some sleep now. Just have to wash the dishes before. And myself as well. So… good… ni—