Today i tried to wake up at eight, but after a well aimed hit at the alarm clock i fell back and because of that was a bit late from the church. The Hachioji pastor came to preach. It was good. After that i came home and started wondering what should i make for lunch. I ended up with the idea of some fruity stuff, of fruits of land and sea. The final one ended up like this…

I bought an apple and a mango (i still have to figure out what to do with the remaining halves), already had orange, lemon and kiwi, so i put some of these to cook with the rice, and cooked some with the seafood. It was peppered octopus, shrimp with paprika and tuna with oregano. In the end i added some yoghurt and a few olives. When i was about halfway through i realised something missing so i added two teaspoonful of corn as well (so it’s not on the photo). It was really good, very-very (almost too) filling.

Now come something, guitar, and/or studying, if i figure out what i should be studying.

It’s also funny that really since i’m here i write a lot about food. Something like Cory’s blog.