Karaoke is always a challenge for me. First, it’s not that easy to sing for a long time without losing my voice. Though that’s usually helped by any drinks, there’s another difficulty: finding the songs to sing. Not as if there aren’t enough choices, usually i couldn’t even guess the actual size of the machine’s music library, but to find something that not i alone would enjoy singing is not easy, due to the usually very varied musical tastes of the others. I could go on singing heavy metal, hard rock and punk all the time, but i don’t think many would enjoy it at all. It’s not easy at all to find the “good songs”, but if i can, usually they’re great success (see Nellie the elephant by The Toy Dolls (who “packed her trunk and said goodbye to the circus”) or Hot dog by Limp Bizkit (just “if i say fuck two more times, that’s forty-six fucks in this fucked up rhyme”). Too bad machines usually don’t have Skindred (for We want would be great to sing) or the huge european pop hits of the ’90’s, such as Eiffel 65’s Blue or they only have just a few songs, which usually don’t include those i consider really good (for example Skinnydippin’ by Vengaboys). But for next time i really will write a list at home before of great songs and last with them from dusk ’till dawn!