Not Black, though music. On saturday i managed to wake up in time, so i got there in time to my first concert in the autum term (秋学期), a jazz festival in the Tokyo Forum, to be precise, its Groove part. The reason for me going was without question the concert of the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, a fantastic japanese ska-jazz group. There were three more performances as well, two more or less traditional jazzish ones and one i couldn’t categorize—but more about that later.

The Tokyo Ska was fantastic, and fantastic, and fantastic (apparently lost for words, i am), just to mention a bad point as well: short. Not a whole hour, i’m afraid. But the quality and the atmosphere worth it. All. They played a lot of songs i knew and a couple i didn’t, and i got to like them, their style and their music even more.

About the others: Abraham Laboriel, who played together with Akira Jimbo was precisely how i’d imagine a traditional black jazz musician. Fantastic style. They were visibly playing for fun, and that’s great. The second ones, John Scofield and the accompanying band… the music was great, but the feel was missing. Then the last, George Clinton and the Parliament / Funkadelic. That was crazy. I didn’t really like it, though i enjoyed it (paradox)… Very tribal, very chaotic, very difficult to enjoy, very strange. Somehow the kind of performance i can imagine from rastafarian jamaicans to do after smoking a 2g ganja per person. Not really my type.

Then i came home, though i listened for a few minutes to a jazz band playing in front of the Forum on some Japan-Netherlands something, they were really peaceful after the all too long (almost two hours, gosh) Clinton performance.

At home the usual: we grabbed a few beers with Rado and sat down talking with the others, eating fruits as well and stuff like that. Got to bed around three…