Today was simply fantastic. Even though we were late for the Stratovarius concert, it was so far the best concert i’ve been to for a very long time. Songs like Rest in peace or Higher we go (just to mention the first two that came to my mind now) made me shout at the top of my voice (i was actually surprised i could keep up with Kotipelto’s range), so after a gig it was pretty hard to talk, but it definitely worth it, this concert would’ve worth quite much anything! My first really good metal concert for a year, and this one was simply ecstatic. Because we were late (so sorry about that) i don’t know if they played Dreamweaver or Hunting high and low, my two favourite songs, i can only hope not—i could hardly forgive myself for being late then. The concert was for short: perfect. It was finally not overamplified like most of the gigs i’ve been to in Japan. And i had a great experience… After the last song, Kotipelto asked if we could count to four in Finnish, for them to bow after that. Naturally silence among the japanese, when i realised that i could count to four in Finnish! “Yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä!” I went shouting out, visibly surprising the band, but then they saw that i was “apparently a westerner”. So fun! I want to learn Finnish! (And i think that’s the only language i ever wrote with a capital letter here in the blog.) (If anyone interested, i learnt the numbers from my father and the Nils Holgersson book, where the geese were named with Finnish numerals if i remember right.)

After we arrived back to the dorm (i went to the concert with Tung from Vietnam) we talked and played cards and stuff like that in the second dorm. That was fun as well, and on the way back to my room i picked up a telly from the dropoff section, from where you could take whatever you want. Well, naturally the one i took is not working, at least its screen, so tomorrow i’ll go down after church and check all the small ones for one with a working screen. Today was great! (Even with the bad feelings of being late to the gig and the telly not working and not going to pingpong training because the gig, still these are just small bitter tastes when i recall singing Forever (yes, vietnamese lyrics on the video) with a feeling that i could fly with the sounds of the song…)