Now i have a bit of time to blog the events of the past (last?) week. On tuesday, a concert, a great one of that for sure. High and mighty color in the Liquidroom of Ebisu.

I was a bit sceptical about how the gig will turn out before because, to be honest, i only knew one song of them, the former Bleach opening and hit single Ichirin no Hana. Well, i regret that now. This band is no longer a small garage-rock band with a great girl vocalist and nice ideas, but they really gave the impression of being real professionals by now. Really surprised me.

Same, the volume of the gig surprised me as well – although a totally japanese concert, it was not overamplified. It was loud, but just as loud where it’s simply just loud, and not painful. Not to mention, roaring sound power matches this music. Since then i listened to a lot of their songs, and decided that if they happen to have such cheap gigs around here any time soon, i’ll sure to be there.

I don’t know the exact tracklist of the concert, but they played all of their great hits, as far as i remember, and for my great joy, Ichirin no hana as well. Turned out to be an unexpectedly great gig.