Today after church i went to buy spices and veggies, and ended up cooking something really interesting. There was a banana in my fridge “maturing” for about a month now (totally brown on the outside, but not rotten), and since i don’t really like that state of the fruit i decided to fry it—years ago once i had fried banana in a chinese restaurant back home. On olive oil, with chicken, the banana soon disappeared, turning into sauce. Also played: the juice of a whole lime, loads of ginger, basil, some turmeric and paprika (red and ground), a bit of my beloved pirosarany from home, cabbage, paprika (yellow and fresh) and olives. It ended up really pleasant. What pleasant, great. (And i’m being modest here.) The coffee before lunch finally managed to wake me up somewhat, though i’m still not that fresh and lively. I realised what they were talking about with “coats your tongue”—it really left a nice feeling. I like to drink my orange-grapefruit juice mix after coffee anyways, but this way it’s simply magnificent.