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Beside How i met your mother, The Big Bang Theory is another series i’ve first (and until coming to japan, only) heard about from fellow hungarian bloggers and/or plurkies. Until about a month ago, i wasn’t watching series that much (kind of at all). But now that i don’t have time for going to club activities in daytime due to massive school duties, i guess this is the way i found subconsciously to relieve stress. And it works. I watched the second and half of the third season of How i met your mother in a month (as a comparison, the first one took about two years). And now i picked up TBBT as well. Worth it. I decided that in mealtimes, when i can’t do anything but stare out of my head and eat, i’m watching TBBT while in the evening chills after ten, HIMYM. TBBT is extreme, i’m already getting used to getting all those extreme nerdy jokes (at first a bit difficult to catch the science phrases), and i sometimes almost suffocate eating my rice because of laughter. The adventures of Leonard and Sheldon are just starting for me, but it won’t take long… (Oh, and i heard that in january the new Skins season is starting as well. Can’t wait!)