Tuesday, the seventeenth of november in year 2009, from evening seven o’clock Opeth played a fantastic concert in Shibuya O-East, Tokyo. They played for two great hours. I can’t list all the songs in the setlist, but they mostly played songs i knew, with a few from the older records i’m not so familiar with.

Not only the music was great, as expected from (in my opinion) one of the best active progressive bands, but between songs Åkerfeldt’s hilarious comments made everyone laugh too. (It turned out Opeth renamed themselves Swedish manboobs, i’ll have to re-tag my mp3 library.)

I missed a few songs, to be exact two, Hessian peel (i’d love to hear the backward singing part live) (which is a totally absurd wish, but still) and Face of Melinda (i’m in love with its live record from The Roundhouse Tapes).

Still, it was a great gig (in the sky Shibuya), worth it all. I hope they’ll be coming back to japan when they do a new album, or i’ll be at home when they tour Hungary…

And as a side note, this Shibuya O-East is the neighbour of the club atom we’ve been to this summer. I was quite surprised. I love Shibuya. (I also found a restaurant specializing in whale cuisine, and i was surprised it’s not all that expensive…)