The relief to my panic came when my senpai texted me that our games will be much later, hers being first at earliest two pm. So i luckily got there on time, roughly one hour after the agreed time… Still i had much much time to sit and watch people playing, the whole sports hall was full of pingpong tables—at least the main floor.

I was still reading Twilight (except when i could no longer concentrate enough) when the announcer called my name for the game, which lasted way shorter than i wanted it to. Apparently i wasn’t in any appropriate mental state for a table tennis game, and that showed in the three-four missed serves each set, the stupid mistakes and the scores of course.

It was around four that we finished, and with Sasaki senpai we set off together. Kobayashi senpai was going some other way, but i was going to Kamakura (though the sun was already setting, i wanted to give it a try), and Sasaki senpai lives that way. I tried to make many photos in Kamakura, though i couldn’t get to the big Buddha statue of our spring term memorised silly conversations, because the temple it’s at was already closed that time. Still i walked around, made many photos with the built-in camera of my phone (just so you don’t expect any special quality), had one more coffee in the local Starbucks, because it was only 100 yen (second one the day, this time home blend), some really bad tasting nuts (ginnan or something like that) (the reason why i’m not going to write about the coffee, i couldn’t really feel its taste properly) from a stand near a temple, and set off home.