I woke up at half past six in the morning. Anyone who knows my sleeping habits, probably also knows that this kind of early “morning” is not my style. I brew myself a coffee, of my new one, Gold coast (i’ll write about it later), had cereal for breakfast and left a bit early. I had to pick up a few stuff Sasaki senpai forgot in the club lockers, also to take some money from an atm, but i was still well in time. At least until Oofuna. Fujisawa open (japanese pdf), as the name suggests, was one more station further, in Fujisawa. But i was reading (still Twilight), and got off at the wrong station. Of course the name of the station was written nowhere where i could see it in time, so i was already twenty minutes late when i realised my mistake thanks to the senpais looking for me—one station away, where i thought i’d be. But it got worse. I rushed to the platform and got on the first train—which happened to be a special express (just my luck), meaning the next station it stopped was not Fujisawa, but Odawara. I was kind of in a panic, then lethargy, especially when i saw Mt Fuji nearing closer and closer from the windows—that meant i’m getting very far from where i should be. Lucky me, trains in Japan go faster, than at home. (Check on a map, where these stations are, Google or Yahoo, and you’ll get the idea.)