First, i have three topics for my report and presentation—though i have no idea what to write about for economy or politics. The presentation is definitely linguistics, about the origin of languages and how could totally unrelated languages have very similar words with similar meanings. For the report i have two, either artificial intelligence and neural networks, or philosophy, my own view on existence, in an ontological sense. Just have to choose one of them.

I realised that simply whatever i choose, it will end up a huge work to research, simply because if i want to do it well about a topic that i consider interesting, then it won’t be simple. Especially if (as in case of the linguistics stuff) i have to say it simple in the end. So i don’t care, will do all the work needed, will do it as good as i can (except if i get fed up, which i very much hope won’t happen).

A bit different topic, but it occurred to me while going to kombini for milk, that as humankind has the six degrees of separation, how many clicks could it take on Wikipedia to get from any article to any other. I really wonder.

Actually, one similar concept was invented by a mathematician with the same family name as mine, although not a relative, Paul Erdős. I think this is handy, as i can use the Erdős-number myself, with me being the center, number zero.