Not Dream Theater, this time. (I wish.) “Just” friends, Adina and Tung. When i was sitting in the sports hall watching the (semi-)pro people play, and fighting with sleepiness (and was losing), it occurred to me that “we should do something tonight”. Ended up watching Avatar in Kawasaki, and it was great. About the movie separately i shall write later.

I got to the station a bit early, but as soon as i sat down to have a coffee, the other two were already texting me that they’re arriving. We headed for the italytown Cittadella, and started with buying tickets for the 3D Avatar. We had about an hour till the start, so went for dinner, and ended up in a really nice restaurant, where (unusually in Japan) i could have my fill in four digits (actually hardly over a thousand yen). Of course it was italian food. I accidentally ordered myself stuff with a lot of mushrooms, let’s say i was happy when i realised, but it ended up well.

The only downside of the movie was that it wasn’t 3D for me. It used a different technique as Disneyland Paris back in… well before this blog was even started. Because of my left eye, my two eyes are not in sync, so these 3D experiences don’t turn out well all the time. Like tonight. But still the movie was fun, only i couldn’t see the shrapnel zooming out of the screen.

We also got the last train, and i was in my room by one, but couldn’t really get to sleep for a too long while after. (Ended up with three hours of sleep, now that’s really not enough.) I was reading Twilight all the time too, finally there’s something happening. (As Adina kindly pointed out, i’m over the first ten minutes of the movie.)