Again a diary post here, as usual. Simply i don’t have time to write about all the other topics i have, though i have plenty, because i leave early in the morning and arrive home sometime really late. Like today, i left before nine and arrived home around one. Both am. I arrived at the Sendagaya station, actually the same one where we went skating, on time, well before ten. It was the second day of a japanese national table tennis championship (日本卓球選手権大会—actually i’ve seen these games, and thought that the second place should’ve won, her only problem was patience), and with the club we went to see it. It was really interesting, the games as well as the people around.

Some funny moments: there was a guy (apparently) with a cold behind us, and once he snorted such a huge one that he was choking for like five minutes. I really wished him quick death.

The other was after a poor kid threw up right in front of the Butterfly (pingpong brand) shop stand: the staff put some benches around the pool of vomit so that no one will step in it. Well, another poor kid obviously didn’t realise that, jumped over it to check the shop, right into the pool of vomit. And it was slippery, per se, so he landed full body-full face in the pool. Poor kid (it was really hard to keep myself from laughing out loud there).

Also, the players (i don’t know if it’s only japanese or general everywhere) were very loud. Sometimes after scoring a nice ball they were shouting as if they were being stripped of their genitals or something. Thus the imaging of people shouting all the time at the smallest of exercise in anime proved to be true.

There was a shop selling photos of the best games of the day as well. Well. Well. I’m not a photographer, whoever sees my flickr knows that. But the guys making the photos had really good machines, with very pro-looking lenses, yet the photos were terribly low quality. All looked as if they were shot like thirty (30) years ago with a polaroid camera. (Might’ve been the fault of the printer though.)

My evening wasn’t eventless either, but about what came after we left the sports hall with the club shall be the subject of the next post—coming tomorrow, since it’s almost half past two, and i have to wake up at six, because tomorrow (looking at the date, today) we will be playing in a tournament. Wish us good luck, thanks.

Oh, and long live the narwhal song. Looping it all the time i’m home (sorry, neighbours).