It doesn’t stop, today’s the first in the chain of many when i have time to sit down (i won’t specify where) to write this blogpost. Yesterday i couldn’t get myself to do so after running around for hours, most importantly to the post, so finally i applied for a visa card, which is supposed to arrive in a month from now. I also paid my external hard drive, so that’s to come in a week as well. Can’t wait.

Today i really will go to sleep early. I never do, and i’m getting to feel that, yesterday at the table tennis training i got much more tired than i should have, so i decided to wash my hair around eight and just dry and do nothing for the evening—maybe only plan and read on about my topics. And i surely want to finish that paper with the interesting view on the universe as information and the (for me) surprising fact that gravity is an entropic force. It’s really fascinating.

On monday i went to a great concert, Sonata Arctica in O-East. It was a bit short though, hardly ninety minutes, but they played most of my favourite songs (not all, of course, for example they didn’t play Shy). I couldn’t get a setlist, but lucky someone uploaded it. The guys on stage, i mean the band, especially Tony, are just crazy. I also ran into a friend from the dorm there, a bit of a surprise. On the way there, of course i had a coffee and on the way back i passed off the 100 yen second one to a homie, just as last time in Shinjuku.