Worth sharing was intended with content that got its place only in this post. I didn’t think i’ll end up writing that much stuff without any particular topic. I wanted to show off a few stuff i stumbled upon in the past few days… But indeed, that feels so empty. Then this post will be empty.

First a drawing of Mickey Mouse and Goofy going punk—too bad tumblr images can’t be easily traced back to the tumblog that posted them, else i’d link there. By the way, i like this version of the characters more, feels closer to me—wonder why. Punk was there at the start of my real musical life, the time i was reborn from the world of Vengaboys and radio pop into what slowly would become what i am now. Actually at first i listened to more punk than metal. It was so long ago, my last.fm couldn’t record it. How could it, last.fm was barely founded then! Looking back, that time i was often playing some war game on my sis’ Win 3.1 computer, i forgot its name… But at least found an online Win 3.1 imitation, it’s funny that a website could act as if… Anyway, since then the hammer-wielding long-haired metal bands won the fight, and then let “equality” rule my music tastes—”equality”, since they would stay the dominant element anyway. The most recent “diplomat” in there is the russian band Слот, the Слот I album of whom i nicked off Olga’s pendrive when i copied the last TBBT (soft kitty…—heh, spoiled) for her. Although i can only read and not understand, that worked (works) well with Ленинград, and works here as well. I understood Хаос (after all, i’m doing a report about it, i mean chaos, just in theeconomy), and it turned out to be a great song

(Not so empty as expected.)