Lately i had hardly anything to write about. Of course i can go diary or post random deviantArt favourites, but that’s not really the interesting content that i like to write. And this tendency won’t be changing in the coming week, as i have three reports, a presentation and an exam to prepare for, just to be followed by more exams a few days later. It’s plain delightful.

In school time i just leave my computer with torrent on, and turn it off when i get home. This way my downloading doesn’t disturb anyone – most people are in class, and those who are not are so few that my 150k share of the bandwidth doesn’t effect them much (i hope). And i’m in serious need: as written earlier, i caught up to the series that more or less kept me sane the past three months with doses of laugh for lunch- and dinnertime, and i can already feel the withdrawal symptoms.

So i started getting and watching stuff, anime (Digimon Savers, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop) and other series (Firefly, as for now, beside How i met your mother, Big Bang Theory and Skins, and planning IT crowd, Weeds and Californication) as well. Lucky Wendy has the space for them.