Month: February 2010


Yesterday i listened to a collaboration album featuring many bands, and i wanted to see if they were added to my library (they were). On the home page though, i saw some changes, some i am very happy about. Beside the event and artist recommendations, now there’s a new part showing new releases, by default from my most listened artists. I’m really grateful for this feature, because i always had trouble following who has a new album when. As can be seen, my library is quite diverse with loads of artists, so following and remembering each of them is kind of impossible. For example, wasn’t it for this new feature, i wouldn’t have realised that Pain of Salvation, Gamma Ray and Rage have new albums, even though i really love their music. And of course there is a page where there are the new releases from artists recommended “based on my musical taste”. Good choice to get to know new artists. The only problem is that artists or labels need to fill out those fields, apparently, and that’s no good. Many artists are not present on (meaning they don’t manage their profiles), also many albums are messed up. For example, in my case, what is Spock’s Beard‘s Octane doing there? That album was five years ago! (It’s okay when it’s shown that it’s a re-release or something, but just like that…)


One before the last, this week’s episode of the Series: Security by ~adimus.


Just now Doryan showed me the vietnamese version of the huge romanian hit Dragostea din tei. I have to confess honestly, i screamed out loud (sorry neighbours) and almost fell of my chair laughing when i heard it. But it got better. There was a chinese as well. And many more. I first thought about linking as many as i can, but then i found a collected version, which has many languages and versions, the chorus only cut after each other. It has afrikaans, brasilian portuegese, khmer (cambodian), english, finnish, hebrew, hungarian (that one’s pretty hilarious, i’ve to tell you), indonesian, korean, chinese, portuguese, russian, thai and vietnamese version of the “numa numa yee” beside the original romanian (i don’t know what they sing but that hard r in the chorus sounds great). (Just so everyone has something to be ashamed of.) It’s fantastic, instant love. My “funny” tag can’t explain it properly. I’ll try to embed the youtube video here, but i’m afraid my own security measures will prevent it.





さらに、めんどうなこともあった。ニジコが教えてくれたPHPプラグインmysqliをインストーって(インストーるはインストーってになると思う(笑))みて、何か壊れちゃって、PHPはひとつのプラグインもロードしなかった。(IT日本語はカタカナ多すぎる。)普通のMySQLなども。そしてデータベースはかなり大切だから、ちょっと困った。しかし何か30分ぐらい直そうとしてもよくならなかったので、今まで使ったInstant Railsを消して、EasyPHPを使うようになった。Rubyがないが、それは最近別に使わなかったから問題ないし、EasyPHPはアップデートが簡単にできるし・・・


Egy fél kész

Ma megvolt a törivizsga, és ha nem húz meg az a görény, akkor a vizsgáim első felvonása megvolt ezzel. Ami azt jelenti, hogy túl vagyok egy előadáson (ami valójában volt három is) és három beadandón meg egy törivizsgán. Hétfő-kedden még a japán nyelviek és a matek, de azon már csak átmegyek.

Ma épp ez okból nem csinálok semmit, csak este összeröffenünk a többiekkel – bár amikor holnaptól megint nekiállok tanulni, ezt valószínűleg hülyeségnek fogom gondolni. De nem érdekel… hallod, én holnap?

The nerd writes

It’s so difficult. It’s so tempting. What am i talking about? The big three: smartphone, tablet pc, and laptop. The only problem is, i don’t need a smartphone, i don’t need a tablet pc, and i already have a good candidate for laptop. But still, when i see all the fuss going on about the new iPhone, the new Android-based whatever, most impressing still being the Nexus One, or the new Windows Phone 7, the iPad or the Microsoft Courier, i am way too tempted. It makes me want to buy one, even though i know i don’t need one, and that’s like a mantra i’m reciting in my head whenever i’m reading those articles. But still, if i were to choose, i wouldn’t choose the Apple stuff. First, it’s way too trendy. Everyone is or will be carrying around one of those (second) glossy, child-safe looking rounded stuff. I don’t like that. And also, when i watched a video of the iPad, it didn’t impress me nowhere as much as any promo material of Courier. Same goes for the iPhone vs (Nexus One OR Windows Phone 7). As of Nexus One vs Windows Phone 7, now that would be more difficult. Nexus One with Android is open, and thus closer. Also, the Win7 phone had Internet Explorer icons, which although the latest versions are quite sleek, i still can’t get myself to use it: the memories of the IE6 nightmares still linger around here. On the other hand, the Win7 phone looks simply great, and i’ve seen much more of it than of Nexus One. (Probably my fault.) As for the laptop, the only competitor possible for the above linked ASUS power machine is a high-end MacBook, but as i said, i don’t like Apple products by default…

Huszon eggyedik század-i srác

Sziasztok! :**** Szó-val most az a hejzet hogy ma eshte nagy el Határozáshra jutottam. Ez az El határozás az hogy mostantól teljes-en meg változtatom a Blogot. Úgy érzem ittaz ide-e, hogy feladjam az ál-szent és naggyon régi-módi hejes írásht és inkább Kor Szerű magyar nyelw-en írjak. Hát nemm kiráj? XDxD

Amúgy azért mert, el téhwesztettem a közönshéget. Az-ok akik hejesen próbál-nak minden áron Írni, mindig ojan Görény-ek welem, beszóloatnakh meg minden! :@

meg a Témákat is meg fogom wáltoztat ni! (hahahha mint a lowagok XDXD) Amúgy nagy-on witces ez a wideo! walaki meg tudja mondani, mi aza “reketyjésh”??, Mert én nem látom a wideo-ban Mi lehet! :S

szóval, ami ről majd minden képen szeriznék írni, az a sok zene, amiket imcsizek! <3 Mert nagyon shokk van ám! most ish épppen Bad Relligion-t hallgatok! 1szerű en iiimááádom!!4 ez a Szám meggy most amúgy!!! XD:P:P:P nem igazán értem mert Angol-ul van! de ojan Érzés mintha, pont rólam szólna! Nagyon Furi! :o:O:O

na Mára enyi, szijasztok! pusztsye :*:*:* naggyon SZERÍ!!! :P:p

Szerky: ^^” bocsye, elfeleytettem hogy, ez-t a wiccet nem értem! :'(:( el magyarázza walaki? kösztsy!! :):* Ja amúgy, a wicc!

Long time no sleep

Last thursday i started downwards on a slope. I did my philosophy essay for class, and that took long. Long into the night. I can’t recall exactly, but late. Then friday was painfully similar. Saturday i started working on my economy report on chaos, and i ended up playing with stock data until around four in the morning. And sunday i actually wrote that report, which took so long that it was almost five by the time i got to bed. So today, going to sleep at two is like midnight was in high school: still not ideal, but it could be loads worse.

Tomorrow (looking at the clock, today) will be my presentation on linguistics, starting from the origins of the hungarian language to end up 160 kya, at the beginnings of human culture. But that will be the easier part, i mean doing a presentation. Keeping it roughly ten minutes long will be a bit harder, considering that when i “talked shortly” about the outline, it turned out around thirty minutes. But this evening when i tested, it was not much longer than ten minutes. And again, that’s still not the hard part.

But thursday is the history day, i mean, the day i could write history here at Jail C, by killing a certain person. We are having an exam, on a quite nice range of stuff, most of which was hardly mentioned in class, where a certain person was enjoying himself screwing us instead of focusing on the curriculum. And a writing on Fukuzawa Yukichi is also to be handed in then. That’s what seems to be a bit interesting to complete all till thursday…

Sermo ſup ſepulchrum

Latiatuc feleym zumtuchel mic vogmuc. yſa pur eſ chomuv uogmuc. Menyi miloſtben terumteve eleve miv iſemucut adamut. eſ odutta vola neki paradiſumut hazoa. Eſ mend paradiſumben uolov gimilcictul munda neki elnie. Heon tilutoa wt ig fa gimilce tvl. Ge mundoa neki meret nu eneyc. yſa ki nopun emdul oz gimilſtwl. halalnec halalaal holz. Hadlaua choltat terumteve iſtentul. ge feledeve. Engede urdung intetvinec. eſ evec oz tiluvt gimilſtwl. es oz gimilſben halalut evec. Eſ oz gimilſnek vvl keſeruv uola vize. hug turchucat mige zocoztia vola. Num heon muga nec. ge mend w foianec halalut evec. Horogu vec iſten. eſ veteve wt ez munkaſ vilagbele. eſ levn halalnec eſ poculnec feze. eſ mend w nemenec. Kic ozvc. miv vogmuc.

Sermo ſup ſepulchrum