Could anyone enlighten me, why is “reviving” old topics forbidden on so many forums? I can’t see any problem with contributing to topics, especially where it’s requested, even if the last post was half a year ago. Is that some kind of stupid attempt to increase the number of topics or what?

I never cared about those kind of rules and if some hyper moderator hadn’t locked the topic earlier, i posted even after years of silence. Call me a necromancer, it’s one of my favourite undead units in Warcraft. Of course if i was aware of that rule, which i rarely am, since even if i go to a forum, which hardly happened in the past couple of years, and even then i usually register for the sake of making a few contribution to good topics, and then even less do i care about reviving or whatever.

It must be of some kind of misconception, that there is such a thing as “dead topic”. A topic can’t be dead. Just by considering what that word means, it’s clear that opening a new thread for the same discussion, in other words the same topic, is simply pointless. Of course it’s another thing if the old topic was spammed or flamed to pieces, or it’s simply useless. That’s the mods’ job to lock or clean up. Not mine to care about.

Of course this post was inspired by a recent experience, when i dared to try to contribute to a topic about DotA hero responses. (The “hero attack” response of Sven, the Rouge Knight is “ash nazg gimbatul”, which is from the inscription of the One Ring of Sauron, meaning “one ring to find them”.)