I’m going off again, or stopping, or going on withdrawal (tamper-off?) or however you say it, the point is i’ll be restricting my coffee consumption a lot in the coming days. It’s no use anymore, meaning my body got used to larger amounts as well. (Also apparent from the constant coffee smell around me that even i realise.) And still, i need fifteen minutes of rest in the evening, no matter.

Fifteen minutes is roughly the three songs that 42 to the infinite power (42の無限乗) will perform when time’s due. Although my part is only two, i’m doing all i can this coming seven days so that it’ll be perfect. After all, 42 is the meaning of life, the universe and everything, so its infinite power is, well… to quote dota: GODLIKE. Not easy, but especially if i finally buy a guitar, i’ll be able to practice a lot, not to mention without disturbing the people living around me (electric, headphones, and so on, get the connection). Since that’s most probably tomorrow, i have high hopes. True, this weekend’s evenings will be off, due to concerts (not mine, “just” attending), but i’ll be working that harder in daytime.

Fifteen minutes is roughly how much it takes for me to complete a round in the gym. The machines are packed in the center of the gym, so it’s possible to go on in a circle, from one to another. Three rounds are the most i ever tried, nowadays even two can kill me pretty much. I’ll see in half an hour how much i can do today.