According to my stats, some of the top ten are as follows.

Hungary: i really wonder who these people are. I’m not related to Hungary in any way, except that it’s the country i’m citizen of, i was born and raised there, studied there and way too many people i love are there. I hope it won’t rot apart before i get home (not as if i hoped i could help much…)

UK: i guess this is due to the activity of my sister there, and also a lot of enthusiastic readers, hopefully. I love Britain, if i get rich once i really want to get a big old house somewhere in Dartmoor. Because it’s teh feel.

US: again, relatives and enthusiasts there. I liked it when i was there, but i don’t feel like living there for longer. Maybe for studying and oft visits.

Japan: i’m here, i have friends here, who apparently follow my posts not only on Facebook but here on the blog too (if not, then now’s the chance), and also (based on their occasional comments) my senpai also 読んでくださってます (are so kind to read).

Romania: after all, they’re Hugary’s neighbours, and according to my experience, they are very nice people. At least, the three who are here with the scholarship. Screw politics. Though, to be honest, i’ve never been there yet.

Brazil: i can’t help thinking of Brazil as “down there”, but i hope you can forgive my northern hemisphere narrow-mindedness. Here in the neighbourhood of the sixth floor is the only brazilian of our scholarship, he really amazes me time to time. If many of you are like him i wish you all the greatest economic (and all possible other) development.