I did my weekly shopping today, i won’t hopefully need to buy anything for a couple of days now. Well, at least until friday. Friday is when the monthly scholarship comes and will save me from going bankrupt. My account balance is a whole 1200 yen right now, with about the same in my pocket. Really reassuring.

The weather is totally cheerful by the way. My poor umbrella was half-broken by the wind this one day more times than all my previous umbrellas altogether. It’s blowing so hard that sometimes it blows in through the aircon (yet, the weather websites claim there’s no exceptionally strong wind or rain here, nice job guys).

The classes today, or rather classes in general, can be divided into three groups: the classes which are meaningless and/or boring (most are such), the classes where it’s more or less impossible to follow the teacher’s train of thought (information society) let alone take notes (marketing), and the classes which worth something (bookkeeping, japanese).

At least i got home around seven. I had a fascinating (not) math class as last, till way too late. Considering that i only ate my pasta-bento since morn, which means seven hours since my last meal not counting my last cookie from home, i’m kind of starving. Turning into a hobbit or what.