In Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book the Jacks play a significant role. I’m not a native english speaker so i didn’t know that this “Jack of all trades” is a phrase quite famous, indicating someone who is a jack (man) of all trades, but master of none. I’m wondering if i could actually become master of any. Master, as in top. Or will i, do i have to embrace the fact that i’m just an average human being?

It’s one thing i’m aware of that, and another is that i accept it. I don’t plan to.

I obviously can’t be a master of any trade. There are always people better than me in all fields, people who sacrifice most else to excel in one field—and i’m not one of those. I never liked the idea of specialization, in rpg games i always suffered for every level because i was building warmages, capable of dealing decent damage and also casting powerful spells, instead of a specialized mage or warrior. I don’t really have a special talent in any field either, nor the discipline to do sacrifices to win over those who have talents. Instead of becoming a short-sighted scientist, i want to become someone who can at least see what’s going on in general. I don’t want to be the doctor laureate who doesn’t know where Laos is.

I think, now, totally dazed by sleepiness, that i’d rather be a jack of all trades, than a master of none. (Play on the original phrase, hell yeah.)