When i happen to be in the mood to think about such matters, i soon end up with wondering about the meaning of life. A while ago a friend took a facebook personality quiz and i dared to say the results use the typical technique of saying big and very general phrases that yet will make anyone feel like it’s about themselves. Actually this matter is discussed on the very first page of the book on persuasion and critical thought i’m reading. (The conversation is really important. I made my comment, was labelled sceptical, went cynic and suggested trying to find out the meaning of life in a facebook quiz, a response with the said person’s “meaning of life”, which i countered as being a way to live, not the meaning, then the friend said it’s the same.)

I’m sceptical, that’s probably true. I don’t consider myself strong or exceptional, so if i can debunk something it’s simply not good enough.

The given “meaning of life” was to cherish it. In my idea, a meaning of life is a goal that you set for yourself, which you might or might not achieve. A way of life is the thought of cherishing it, living it to the fullest, living without regrets and so on. I don’t have a goal to achieve, that’s why i’m not all that motivated at anything, even though i want to live my life to the fullest without regrets. If i come to obstacles that i don’t seem to be able to overtake, i can freely take another route and just wander around, meaninglessly but eventfully. I have a picture of the future that i’m not all that attached to but work towards it, in lack of anything better. But it’s so general (family, happiness, wealth) that whatever road i may take i could end up there. If it was something like be the first man on Mars, i’m already late probably. Also, if i were to decide a goal now, i’d feel i lost my freedom and be bound by my own decision, which thus soon i’d abandon. Catch 22. I’ll just go on, do what feels right and hope it’ll turn out well. Most of the times it works with my cooking.