I think japanese or probably pretty much no one will be able to understand what getting ill for me means. Even if it starts with the runny nose, or whatever order the symptoms of cold, that is runny nose, coughing and co. come out on me, they all show up, sooner or later. So while for many a cold is a runny nose for a few days, for me after that few days come at least just as much of terrible coughing. No matter what i do, as far as my experience goes—although i wouldn’t be surprised if i will be introduced to some ultimate cure by a nice girl in the (preferably near) future. (So far the Halls candy was protecting me, but apparently they don’t sell my favourite black hyper strong mint in Hikone.)

Anyways, in addition to practicing the guitar every day like crazy from now (i really want to be at some usable level when we start practicing for the club), i will also hurry with coding. I have one more website on the horizon, although not paying, it will be a challange i think. And i really want to see the blog working, working as it should’ve been working for years now, although the coding is definitely better (though so far i don’t know if faster as well) as in the current version. My biggest reason for that is the podcast ability, which i really miss now. Although most of my ideas collected in the past years were lost, i rebuilt a few of them somewhat, and of course new ideas don’t stop coming… So i’m waiting for myself.