Today i was doing nothing when it occurred to me to check the Iron Maiden website for new tour dates. Maybe they’re coming to Japan anytime soon (i pretty much hope so).

At first i didn’t realize there was something amiss. I visited the tour dates page so many times that i can go there straight from link history. But then something… And i checked the front page. And i was close to fainting.

16th august 2010, the fifteenth Iron Maiden album, The Final Frontier will come out. I seriously can’t wait. To make things worse, just around then is the Sziget fest in Budapest, with an Iron Maiden live. I want to be there! (Just can’t, filthy money.)

Also, there is a new song called El Dorado, available for free. It’s on Youtube, and also available for download on the band’s website (though hurry up, only till the 21th, and sometimes it’s just down). Absolutely worth downloading.

It’s a great song. (Though i don’t like the new design for Eddy, but hey, i’m not looking at the artwork but listening to music, i mean, Music, like that, with capital M.) At first i wasn’t sure… it starts strange… Bruce’s vocals seemed powerless… But i was wrong. It’s just that was the first time. Now i’m in love with it. I can’t stop listening to it. And i want the new album badly. Come, august!